“Good” is the enemy of “Best”

I’ve almost made up my mind not to try out for this season’s FLOT production. I’ve been praying about whether it is appropriate to do this (Sound of Music. Something I know, even!), and keep flopping back and forth.

And then I found this quote; kind-of felt confirmed my reluctance: “We [must] say ‘no’ not only to those things which are wrong and sinful, but to things that are pleasant, profitable, and good which would hinder and clog our grand duties and our chief work.”

It is footnoted, but then the footnote says “Source Unknown,” which I found amusing.

My “grand duties and chief work” right now do not (I believe) include singing for the community at large. I have a much smaller selected audience.

…And maybe if I don’t go, some other young woman will have an opportunity that will mean more to her than it will for me… I like that idea. I’ll pray for her.

2 thoughts on ““Good” is the enemy of “Best”

  1. I think a lot of the (paid) work I’ve taken on is “good” at the expense of “best.” I quit working to focus on being my husband’s helper in this time before the baby is born….but I found myself saying a couple days ago, “Sorry, M, I can’t help you with that…I have work to do.” How is this remotely better than before? : ) Time for me to refocus on my chief work.

  2. I constantly struggle with assessing my priorities. I think a big hinderance to my time is my lack of enough routines to get the daily, organizational stuff out of the way.

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