Good Books!

As long as it takes to get me rooted in a story (to no fault of the books!), I keep wondering if this fiction thing is really for me.

But then I feel so fed when I finally get the chance to finish something.

Today’s accomplishment was Waking Rose, the third of three Fairytale Novels I first mentioned back in February.

And yes, I will attempt to post reviews of these last two books. Here’s my review of the first: The Shadow of the Bear.

I have already put the fourth book by Regina Doman in my Amazon cart. Looking forward to purchasing it.

This lady has done what it is my heart’s cry to do: write about pure love, honor, relationships in the context of engaging action and even humor (!), through a lens/worldview that allows God his rightful place at the core of reality.

Should it please God (such a sweet phrase, and I’m sure it does), this is my ultimate goal in all my writing.

3 thoughts on “Good Books!

  1. K, got the review of book two, Black as Night, up at TLR. I wrote the third review, too, but I think I’ll wait a few days before I post it.

    I’m bothered that my reviews don’t make these books seem nearly appealing enough.

  2. 143 pages into 328 pages of what I think will be the last serious pass (because it’s finally the right length). I call it version 8.7.

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