Found a Character

Actually this is old news.

Only the post I wrote to describe my glee seemed nearly cruel, so I decided not to run it.

Let me show you what I mean.

I don’t have for every character a tight visual beyond hight and build and hair-type.  Like in real-life, I’m more interested in how their brains work than in what they’re wearing or the curve of their noses.

So when I was watching a YouTube my mother-in-Law sent I was shocked to see a man I *knew* was Kennett (never mind that he was in his 30s instead of his 20s).

Things I hadn’t consciously identified were there in front of me: medium-length hair smoothed back and tied at the nape of the neck, *slightly* slanted, almond-ish eyes (no, not the Asian kind.  I’ve never noticed eyes like this before), a large, excuse me, strong, straight nose and narrow cheeks, proportionately broad chin. And a look that I could imagine resembling a friendly snake.

I hope by now you can understand why I didn’t name the fellow, or post the pictures I have collected from the internet for Kennett’s file.  The description sounds rather uncomplimentary, and even assuming I protested he’s quite handsome in his own way (because of course, Kennett is), I have never been comfortable with discussing public-ish people any more freely than non-public people.

Which is why you’ll never (I hope) see anything on this blog critiquing an Actor/tress’s appearance for him/herself.  It makes me cringe whenever I see that on someone else’s blog.

Anyway, Kaye Dacus has talked about this before (excellently), and I have clipped magazine pictures so I’ll be more concrete in my own mind, but (other than Irene– my wicked stepmother) I’ve never had this *match* happen before, and I wanted to note it, because it was quite fun.

4 thoughts on “Found a Character

  1. He’d be pushing 40 by then. I don’t want this to play like Jane Eyre (May-December).

    I’m cool with a private e-mail between friends (like I would be with showing a pix to someone in my living room), I just feel a public display is imprudent (because of how I describe him).

  2. That’s fun! I’m more focused on how a character thinks too. Some of mine have basic hair color or eye color mentioned but not much more than that.

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