For The Flourishing Mother.

I’ve always loved your blog‘s name.

It’s a meme, but as I want to do it I’ll find a way to make it belong on Untangling instead of SnowFairy. ;)

Six Quirky Things about You (Note it doesn’t define *quirky*)
Here are the rules:

* Link the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules in your blog.
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.
* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them

Anyone who’s read here long knows I’ll disobey that last edict (anyone who wants it is welcome, but I won’t make assignments).

1. One thing I’ve done all my life is make “soundtracks” to the stories in my head.

As a child this meant everything was recorded off of records– mainly Don Fransisco, Keith Green, Roar of Love, and a few others– because we didn’t have a double cassette deck.

Until my computer and iPod got out of sinc I made lists there for each project I was working on (two novels, in particular) and now I’ve got playlists on YouTube for most of my major characters.

2. I change the radio station within a few bars of intro if I know there’s a line of lyric in it that I don’t want my kids to hear.

3. I sometimes don’t trust my judgment of whether a song sounds good because music is such a whole-package experience for me.

e.g. I love this song (even though tonight was the first time I heard it) because the voice, delivery and rhythms are the stuff of my early memories. Have no idea if it’s a quality song, just know I like it.

4.  I like the Willow Tree figurines.  This one is by my computer (or, at this moment my sewing machine, which has usurped my laptop’s position of honor/usefulness):

5.  I can’t not-create.  While my computer-time was on moratorium I took on the project of making costumes for a Renaissance Faire coming up next month.  Half-way through Natasha’s indigo princess gown since yesterday afternoon.  More about that some other time.

Jay hid my laptop most of last week, along with his big computer-screen and I, obeying the spirit of the law rather than the letter, resisted looking for them.

I didn’t have my novel to peck at, and the zeal with which I dove into sewing (which I haven’t touched in literally a year) made me think of how much sewing I did before I wrote regularly.

Back when clean-up wasn’t an issue…

6.  I label my movies for what age I think my children should be before I let them watch something.  I needed a way to hold myself accountable when I want to watch something they shouldn’t see.

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