Folk-Tale Wisdom

I think one of my favorite lines for myself is from the Russian Cinderella story.

This version has the orphaned daughter (Vasalisa) being helped by a little doll her mother gave her. Every time the evil steps give her some impossible task, Vasalisa pours out her heart to the doll who tells her to rest.

“Morning is Wiser than the evening,” the doll always says.

And, of course, by morning the doll has worked some magic or called some creatures to her girl’s aid, reducing the problem to almost nothing.

So often I find that if I will just give over dwelling on my problem(s) and actually rest, I find the morning really is wiser than the evening– and that is even without magical assistance.

Though, probably not without divine assistance.

5 thoughts on “Folk-Tale Wisdom

  1. LOL! so true! sometimes at night when i’ve wrestled a problem to near insanity, my husband says: “you just need to get some sleep. we’ll talk about it in the morning!”

    and pretty much: things are always better in the morning.


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