Even on Television

I like just to enjoy a good story wherever I find it. Even on Television. (If you came from my original blog you already know I like House M.D.)

I find it fascinating the… essentially, snobbery that comes through when some people announce they never watch T.V. (Perhaps I read too much into the statement, thinking of my sometimes-attitude when I would announce that).

Not that I think they should watch television; it’s only that avoiding is not in itself virtue. I lump these people in with the group that wants you to know they don’t eat fat, or don’t eat meat. Both of these practices are fine, appropriate (and, theoretically, even enjoyable) for some people. The problem grows when those practicing this level of discipline want to be affirmed in their decisions and acknowledged for their superiority.

The funny thing is, they frequently are, even though in any other context I imagine everyone would find this attitude insulting. Think of these comments:

“You don’t have a T.V.? That’s so great. We tried getting rid of ours once…”

“No fat [meat] at all?! You are amazing! How do you do it?”

Both express the speaker’s admiration and also a sense of inferiority.

The same words can, of course, be just plain conversation too, but even if the speaker isn’t lowering him or herself when speaking, s/he is elevating the listener.

I suppose this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but I do wonder sometimes.

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