I missed the movie while it was in the theater, so Jay and I had the DVD release on the calendar ;)

We watched it last night and I thought it was loads of fun.

The dragon took a lot of reassuring the first time through, but other than that, the ideas and interactions were great.

I loved the aborted divorce, and Giselle’s horror at the idea someone thought she’d *kissed* ( “or something like that”) another woman’s sweetheart.

And seeing in the prince elements of one of my characters was a hoot. I never would have had the guts to take him that far.

The beatific look on Prince Edward’s face after another man proved to be his bride-to-be’s “true love” was exactly the look Torb had when he saw that his brother—that he’d previously not even known existed, and who would most likely usurp his throne— was alive.

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