Done. Again. Starting Again.

Scene 1 Prologe
Scene 2 Despoiled Still *very* cool to be done.
Scene 3 The First Meeting Starting a new file for revision
Scene 4 The Storyteller number… five I guess it is.
Scene 5 Old Friends and Others
Scene 6 The Next Meeting
Scene 7 Without Honor
Scene 8 Unwilling Rescue
Scene 9 The Fitting
Scene 10 a breach of trust
Scene 11 The Wedding and What Came Next
Scene 12 Getting to Know You
Scene 13 Tyko’s Loss
Scene 14 Not-so-Humble servant
Scene 15 The mourning after
Scene 16 Power
Scene 17 Appeal to the Prince
Scene 18 Swamp Safety
Scene 19 Negociation
Scene 20 Blending Family
Scene 21 The Kidnapping
Scene 22 Escape
Scene 23 Meeting Ivan
Scene 24 Awakening
Scene 25 Friends get Involved
Scene 26 The Healing
Scene 27 Rescue
Scene 28 Meeting evil
Scene 29 The Truth
Scene 30 Reevaluating
Scene 31 Quick Lessons
Scene 32 Accepting Weakness
Scene 33 Closeted Counsels
Scene 34 Finding and Losing
Scene 35 Cooperation
Scene 36 Tykone’s Return
Scene 37 Irene reveals herself
Scene 38 The next battle
Scene 39 The end of One
Scene 40 The last battle

3 thoughts on “Done. Again. Starting Again.

  1. I suppose I feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot.
    “At this rate you’ll never be done; you just send it to another go around.”

    But this time I’m *really* going to go through my “progress report” notes. Last pass-through ended up having a different purpose entirely (more like a combined line/continuity edit) and that’s why it took so long.

    This time I want to actually take the (hmmm) 67 pages now, one by one, and decide how many notes are still applicable and how many are unnecessary/obsolete now.

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