Discovered a new Character!

So I’m working my way through Nehemiah, and find myself pulling storytelling and character-building/revealing principles from it as I go along.

Some stuff about Nehemiah combined with an edge character that I knew needed something more to do. A whole subplot developed between naming him a few weeks ago and Bible study a few days ago.

I love how a whole character stepped out of a name (though at this point I think the name– Tyko– will have to go). The bit from Nehemiah didn’t change him, just brought his basic nature–perceptive but humble– into sharper focus.

He’s got quite a dashing role now, and even a sweetheart.

It’s fun to be able to include a new POV, and he’s useful too. He is both sympathetic to the main character (without being romantically involved) and staying behind when she journeys, so we can still see what happens after she leaves.

3 thoughts on “Discovered a new Character!

  1. I cannot wait to read this book!

    P.S. Thanks for the advice about touching and modeling. It is helping a little. I haven’t gotten to try and get him to calm down with the hand thing yet, but we will see.

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