Now, I know I have a mind for details. Once I input them I usually remember them (I’d like a word stronger than “usually,” but no one can say “always”). So it’s funny/weird to me when I get asked questions I know they know the answer to. Or, at least, I remember previously giving them the information.Last Sunday I saw a woman I haven’t seen since Christmas Eve. She gave me one of those OHMYGOODNESS-looks, and asks, “Did I know you were pregnant?” I assured her, yes, I was showing at Christmas and we’d talked about it.

But maybe it’s not just her with this remembering I’m pregnant thing. Another friend I saw only a couple times a month would exclaim (every time she saw me), “Oh! I forgot you were pregnant!” Now, she had a lot on her plate, and I don’t mean this as any slur on her, but I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten a friend was pregnant (their due dates may come in-and-out of focus, but I don’t forget a baby is coming…) This happened most recently in mid-March, after which she said I was big enough now she felt she would remember.

I was never sure if I was “allowed” to laugh at her… befuddlement? Her tone when she said the words (this happened at least 4 or 5 times) was very-near comical. I suppose she was embarrassed. And I suppose this post could just make it worse…

But I’ll move on to the other pg-related thing that people seem to forget (Other than exact due-date, which is okay to forget, b/c it’s like trying to remember everyone’s birthday– you only do that if you have a thorough calendar. Mine was last Monday, BTW)

This “other” is whether we’re expecting a boy or a girl.

This pregnancy has been unique in that we feel fairly certain it’s a boy. We didn’t know the first two times until the birth. The conversational question everybody asks is, “What are you having?” I like to answer, “A baby.” Then they’ll say, “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” “Well, those are the only options I’m aware of.”

This time I usually say some variation of, “The ultrasound said it’s a boy.” What’s funny to me are the people who ask (or congratulate us) more than once, w/o seeming to remember that we told them months ago (3 or 4 to date). And these are people who asked and were interested in the answer before.


Never having been in any head but my own, I shouldn’t assume everyone else thinks like me, but it is only natural, since I’ve only been in my own head, to assume what comes thoughtlessly to me shouldn’t be too much more strenuous for the rest of the world… But perhaps I’m beginning to learn otherwise…

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