Defining Goals

I think the thing the struck me most about the INFJ-personality description (the result I got back when I wrote this post), was the part about continually re-evaluating how you do things

They (INFJs) put a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done, and constantly define and re-define the priorities in their lives.

I can’t say how reassuring it was to read that. There is a population where this is just the “normal.” Constantly I would overswear that now I have found the way I want to do things, and can *quit* wasting time reevaluating how things should be done.

“Not being the only one” has only sometimes been reassuring when going through various trials (like waiting and grief). More helpful to me are the precise words of those others, articulating what I’m feeling, so my (frequently tired) mind can can grasp a clear image and rest, without the time and effort of doing it myself.

All that said, I felt strangely justified in reevaluating yet again. Most of my goals have to do with my home life, which I don’t go into detail about here, but for the sake of completeness here’s the broad picture:

  • Short-term: Create more structure to the children’s and my day.

  • Medium-term: Get Novel presentable

    • Have rough draft of Lindorm story completed by July. (earlier w/ an extra revision included would be nice/ideal)
    • Have at least one revision by Editor’s Day, September 22
  • Long-term: Work in daily habits to make natural and make life easier

Having a deadline (for the novel) is helpful for me. Makes things more concrete, and that’s always seemed helpful for me. These goals also put the novel in context with the rest of my goals, which keeps me from compartmentalizing too much.

3 thoughts on “Defining Goals

  1. Hi! I do this and think it is good when I find a better way (of reorganizing for example). Though it might be because I am not organized enough, and so when I do find ways to organize, streamline, declutter, I am very happy. I guess you can look inside and find out *why* you are doing this. Is it because you are bored, or a perfectionist who will never be good enough, or is it that you just come up with really great ideas! :)

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