Cut 6,000 words

And it was relatively easy.  I wanted to do more, but found it was easier to see what was unnecessary in the first half that I had rehashed already.

I trust I’ll be able to do it in the second half once it’s done.

Life’s been full.  That’s what blog-silence is supposed to say.

I’ve been without my laptop for weeks now, which means no quick grab-and-go moments with a laptop in the evenings since I have to coordinate sharing with Jay’s.

And since I’ve got enough other things to do that I don’t have much reason to wrestle him for it.

I’ve gotten my first 5-weeks of lesson plans drawn up, which is quite a feat that I am very proud of.  I’ve been finding all sorts of treasures at the used-book stores for school, and a few for me (Ranger’s Apprentice #4, for example, after I picked up #3 with a gift card).

And after looking at Delicious Library 2 I totally want a Mac. (I’ve wanted one for it’s lit keyboard too.  I’m totally fickle about platforms. I don’t *love* either one– I just want really specific things– like being able to type in a dark room and being able to track where I’ve put what books.)

Jay pointed out Dell finally has an illuminated keyboard.  Does anyone know a home-library program for PC that will track what I box I put each book into?

Anyway, I’ve got grand plans for the start of school, and continuing my novel and reading these fabulous finds I’ve collected… all to be enjoyed more fully when I’m not so tired.

With as painless as that major cutting was, I’m really looking forward to finishing the second half and seeing if I can do it again.  I’ll be in almost-normal territory by then. If you’re talking length, like I am.

4 thoughts on “Cut 6,000 words

  1. Congrats on the cutting! That’s huge! I managed to shave off 5k when I did my edits on Tinkers, but now it’s only 50k, so that’s maybe not such a good thing… But good on you! I know you were worried about your longer length… Way to go!

    That Delicious Library thing looks AMAZING, but at $40, i’ll have to pass for now (and I even have a mac!)

    Congrats on getting 5 weeks of lesson plans made! You’ve been busy!

  2. Wow you did good with the lesson plans. To find delicious library I did a google search. There were a lot of PC programs.

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