Calling for submissions for the Carnival of Beauty– Provision

Carnival of Beauty

Happy Monday everyone.

I have the privilege of hostessing this week’s edition of the Carnival of Beauty, dwelling on The Beauty of God’s Provision.

Many months ago my Grandmother died, and in the midst of that challenging time I saw God’s hand and provision again and again. I will be sharing part of that story on Wednesday.

There was no way that time could ever be described as good, but through God’s provision, it was as good as it could have been.

And I think that’s saying a lot.

If anyone has a story about God’s provision to share, or thoughts on the topic you would like me to include in the carnival, please let me know by Tuesday evening at 8p.m. (Alaska time).


If you missed my deadline and still want to be included, feel free to send on your link and I’ll add it when I have time.

This is a topic I’d love to hear more people’s thoughts and experiences of.

One thought on “Calling for submissions for the Carnival of Beauty– Provision

  1. Several years ago, my husband and I, along with our twins, lived in a little two bedroom duplex. I had started homeschooling them in preschool and kindergarten, with all the accompanying paraphenalia, was pushin our home and my heart to the boundaries. I prayed A LOT for help accepting the situation or in moving to a larger home that we could afford or just WHEREever we would be. In the end it took another half a year or so before we started looking for a house here in town and another 3 or 4 months before we actually moved. And while that is provision enough, I think, God was very gracious to me and spoke to me. In prayer one night, my heart just absolutely in a vice and pinched just by my physical surroundings, I heard God say my name. And it’s difficult to describe, cause it wasn’t an audible thing, but it was. It sounded metallic. And it filled my heart with the knowledge that God was there, and He was aware of me and what I was living through. He also led me to scripture concerning when he told Abraham to move on. Both provided me with a peace that is hard to explain.
    By the way, I would love to read your advice… if one straggler commenter/lurker opinion matters.

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