Bought a New-Release

The last time I remember doing this was when Beauty and the Beast came out on Video.

Jay and I saw Music and Lyrics in the theater, and it being our first movie in a long time it inspired a series of movie posts (In Defense of “Movie” Dates, Finding Motivation in a Movie, and Movie Weaknesses, in case you missed them the first time around ;o)).

Now I had some birthday money, and we decided it would be fun to buy. Neither of us liked the ultrasexualized dancing, of course (see “Movie Weaknesses” above), but Jay’s pretty confident now he can cut those scenes for a version to have on our computer.

This might seem like a weird thing to mention on a blog like this, but it’s about a story– a story I enjoyed with my honey and we’re looking forward to sharing it again.

3 thoughts on “Bought a New-Release

  1. Ooops–

    My bad.

    I bought The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as soon as it was out. But that actually was bought for Jay. And would you believe that since we bought it over a year ago we still haven’t seen it all the way through once?!

    Those elements combined probably explain why I didn’t remember that movie.

    It’s not on our kids-watchable list.

    Interesting how that list has narrowed as they’ve gotten older. There’s got to be this reverse bell-curve thing about the relationship between movies and kids’ ages.

  2. We also just bought this movie today. My husband hasn’t seen it yet, but posted about it on his blog and linked to the full Pop video so he knows plently about it! I saw it as part of a girls’ night, I think we annoyed the teens behind us b/c we were laughing so hard.

    I agree there’s a bell curve to the kids-watchable list :) I think part of it is that you realize they’re not going to pick up on certain things when they’re younger then when they’re older they notice everything (and repeat it)!

  3. I just saw M&L on the airplane. It struck me as a sweet story, like a fairy tale (I mean that in a good way). Because in real life he would probaly not have felt so attached to her in such a sort time. But who knows! I’m off to read your other posts about it.

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