As in, moving quickly.

I put up more than 2,000 words in the last two days.  Which is really good for me.

Actually the whole of it is one scene– the first wholly new scene I’ve written from scratch since… I can’t remember when (rewriting the one I’d already written didn’t count– I knew where it needed to start and end).

One very. rough. scene.  But it sort of fixes the problem of #1 in my 7 Quick Takes for the novel, so I’ve got one more thing off my immediate to-do list.

By the time I cycle back around to it I should be able to iron out the really lumpy parts and just keep the useful stuff.

I only have three scenes left people—three!— and everything I wrote that month, long, long ago, will have been chewed through at least once.  Everything in this document will be brought into alignment with the final storyline.

I wish now I’d kept track of how much of that month I wrote one-handed, nursing a 6-month-old all hours of the day and night.

And people asked me how I could get so much written when I had a little baby…

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