Because it Made Me Laugh

And I more-than-half believe it’s true.

I haven’t touched my novel since the end of November (got 10, 908 new words, btw, in case anyone wondered), as I’ve been preparing for a storytelling presentation in the creative free-time I’ve carved out.

January 5th I’ll be giving my first story “concert” in, I think two years. It’s half an hour, so I don’t honestly know if that’ll count as a concert, but it is at least a collection: four tales set in a framing story (Glimmers in the Darkness, from this new page I just put together).

Everything I’ve done in-between has generally been a single story here or there.

Do check out the new page and tell me what you think. I was very excited to see how many stories I have.

Several of these you may recognize from Tuesday Tales (I didn’t link all that I could). What do you think of the one-liner explanations? Do they “give away” too much or over-simplify in a distracting way? Do they make you more interested in the story?


And just because we all know this blog isn’t eclectic enough, I’m planning a little two- or three- post series on my experience living in, then parenting in, a fostering family.

In the meantime, if you want a more experienced voice, I’d like to point you toward Mommy Monsters Inc., the blog of a foster-adopting mom.

I especially appreciate her latest post, Adoptive Family Planning: A Wise Choice. Very thorough and thoughtfully written.

Blessings on your day!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by … I’m glad the post helped you. Since you’re a writer, I thought you’d also like to know about my blog for Catholic writers: “”. It’s primarily for those who write for “Canticle” magazine, but all are welcome! Blessings, Heidi Saxton

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