If you need something, asking is usually a good place to start.

James addresses this a couple times. He reminds his readers that “you do not have because you do not ask.” (There’s more, too, of course, and I talked about the motive/attitude angle not long ago.)

He also reminds us that if we need wisdom (and who doesn’t?), asking is the way to get it.

~ ~ ~

Hee hmm.

All those great and grand thoughts to say my WFMW is to ask about the little things too.

Like milk. I did a whole post once on freezing milk (fascinating reading, of course). It’s the most conscious/active thing I do to save on our grocery bill.

Anyway, this story even happened because we were out of milk and I needed to go shopping (here’s a free take-away: freezing milk will mean fewer trips to the grocery store– which should also help save money).

Rather than spending the time driving around to find out if there was cheap milk on the shelf (my previous discoveries have all been haphazard or through the grapevine), I decided to call around instead.

The first dairy manager seemed almost offended when I asked her if there was any regularity to milk being marked-down. I realized later that question I could sound like, ‘Tell me how often you screw-up ordering.” Oops.

I had my pitch better by the second call. I explained I like to buy and freeze marked-down milk because it reduced my grocery bill, and this manager said he had some older milk he could pull and mark-down for me.

So I went, and while $2/gallon isn’t the best deal I ever got (it’s hard to beat 50-cents a gallon), it’s still good, and I felt blessed by the manager’s flexibility. Another cool thing was that he said to call again when we’ve used up this round.


It’s been my experience that there are a lot of nice people in the world. I’ve also noticed that many of these nice people want to help others, and asking for something they can provide lets them do that.


6 thoughts on “Ask!

  1. Asking is a lesson I learned as a young wife and mother. My mom would never ask people for help or advice and I saw her frustrated and/or resentful all of the time.

    What a difference it makes! And the worst that could happen is them saying no. The best? Well, all kinds of good things can happen when you ask!

  2. There are a lot of things we’d like to save money by freezing but, alas, this requires owning a freezer, which there just isn’t room for in our tiny condo…so in a sense, we’re saving money by not having enough room for a freezer. :)

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