April Links

Finding God in 5 Steps

Because 5 Things I Learned the Hard Way That I Believe Fostered the Right Disposition for Gaining a Better Understanding of God but Since I’m Just Some Fool With an Internet Connection and Not a Pastor or a Theologian You Should Take This and Everything Else I Write With a Big Grain of Salt, just felt too long.


I Can Live

The artist’s story of his mother leaving the abortion that would have killed him.  While completely outside my usual style of music a very intriguing and moving piece (H.T. Sarah)


Stuff Christians Like is already a terrific place to go for a grin, but for more of a blink-and-think than a laugh I encourage everyone to read Letting Porn Win.


Ten Commandments of Trying a Case

A smart evaluation of the weird J.K Rowling vs. Biggest-Fan case by Bluestocking.


Two writing blogs I’ve just discovered and enjoyed.

Book Therapy and So You Wanna be Published…

Their very usable writing and noveling advice makes their archives more of a trap than many blogs’.


And as a side note, I’m 29 today. Jay’s coming home a bit early to make a cake with the kids and we’ll have a family night.

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