Answers to prayer, and a curious difference.

Jay found my Palm (PDA) yesterday. Thank you Jesus! It’s been missing for several weeks. I had assumed it was only buried somewhere, but we’ve cleaned the house a few times since it was lost and never found it. It was in the car. *sigh*

My “currently reading” is the other answer to prayer. I’ve been needing a new book/topic for H.S. Sunday School, and this (Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Brand and Yancy) looks like it’s going to be our choice. I’ll be reading ahead to pick and choose, but I’m enjoying it for me too. I might say more about it later.


Jay and I learned a new difference between us we hadn’t noticed before:

  • I’m ready for action when I plan the details– since I do most of my thinking and weighing of options (pro and con comparisons) before I get to absolute details.
  • Jay begins to do his thinking and weighing after he has the details in front of him.

The reason we noticed this is that we spec.ed-out a laptop together last Wednesday. We spent more than an hour looking and discussing specifics, and ended up with a machine we both liked (though part of the point of this is to have a machine of my own…). I felt excited, and asked (I thought rhetorically), whether he was ready to get it.

To my surprise he said no. And that’s when we had our little revelation.

By now I think we’re both planning to do it, we’re just waiting on the timing.

One thought on “Answers to prayer, and a curious difference.

  1. And waiting proved to be awesome, b/c instead of x-amount discount, we ended up getting the next sale which was 40%-off.

    To say I was excited is an understatement.

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