And it begins… almost.

I really wonder if it will be a whole month before I post again.

If I’m going to make 50,000 in 30 days it seems most reasonable to spend any computer time I have actually typing on my story. But maybe I’ll come over her for a break.

What I don’t see myself doing is IMing. I’ve gotten into a few message boards (and out of more than I’m in) but I don’t see myself going for the IM thing. Maybe it’s just b/c I’ve never done it. Don’t think I’m starting yet. I rather prefer the Blog/message board MO about answering things on my terms, my own timing.

I feel an imminent right to be “selfish” with my time. It’s a form of self-defense. I just have to remind myself to expect that from others too, and sometimes I’m even leery of accepting offers, feeling the unspoken obligation to listen to someone else’s random-dream-turned-novel explanation (when I’d rather be writing).

Sooo… “keeping short accounts” is something I’d like to manage if possible
this month.

I do expect I’ll go to the weekly meetings with my laptop– I’m intrigued at the idea of writing as a group activity, and am curious to see the reality.

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