About the Writing

I am interested in so many things I’ve narrowed it down to two categories of writing: Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Actually it does get more narrow than that:

  • Mental/physical/emotional health,
    • including food’s affect on all the above.
  • Folklore and fairy tales
    • and the power of Story
  • Finding and describing structure, shape and patterns in human behavior
    • One example of this being personality types

These are my other addresses online:

Writing Hope is the business side of my writing: Story coaching, proofreading, general editing and professional bios.

The blog on that site has given me a place to focused my interest in the noveling process and personality theory (specifically Myers-Briggs), and point out you can invite me to speak to your group or organization (because, after reading all sorts of stuff here, wouldn’t you just love to hear me talk about it in real life?).

At Helmericks.net you can see my introduction about being new to the gluten-free life (and many links to the blogs and people who taught me, and left me feeling the niche was covered enough I could pursue my heart elsewhere). It’s not currently active, since my writing has weighted more heavily into fiction and editing in the last couple years.

Wyn Magazine is a heart project for many writers, including me, where I am Associate Editor, and my monthly column, Life & Fiction brings together two of my great loves in a publication that has been unofficially subtitled, “women’s therapy magazine.” Currently on hiatus because all the content creators are living their lives pretty busy right now.

Untangling Tales is where it all began, and where I always circle back to. The home base where I write for me while at the same time reminding myself I am not alone.

Not online, but perhaps my greatest delight of writing, are my novels: each begun in a one-month splurge of writing time and creative energy.


Thank you so much for visiting, and feel free to comment or ask questions– I love conversation.

~ ~ ~

If you’d like to hire me or get a quote for a piece of work, please contact me through the form on my business page.

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