A Storytelling Carnival: Tuesday Tales

I’m working at starting a weekly storytelling carnival, Tuesday Tales: Beyond Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin.

The purpose is to summarize a lesser-known story to the length of a blog post, in order to introduce others to stories that we love, and train ourselves to maximize the efficiency of our language.

Literary tales (Anderson, Picard) are fine, as long as they’re fully attributed. These are only summaries, remember, not full-text copies, so we’re not going to violate copyright or anything; It’ll be more like a review.


I’ve begun what I hope to be a regular Tuesday Tales series (there’s one up already for this week, which is what gave me the idea).

To be included in my next edition, email me a link to your story at the address on my contact page by Monday evening.

I’m excited at the chance to meet new stories and tellers. Anyone else game?

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