A sign of the times we live in.

I was at a musical production about the Christmas story tonight, and was a little shocked to watch the young woman playing Gabriel at the annunciation to Mary.  The surprise wasn’t that the angel was a girl, but the fact she was shimmying.

While informing Mary that she (Mary) was God’s “favorite virgin.”

More than a little weird and an odd beginning that distracted (me at least)  from other, better, elements of the program.

It didn’t help that the angel took Mary’s hand and “taught” her the shoulder-shimmy through the last series of “favorite virgin” repetitions in the chorus.

4 thoughts on “A sign of the times we live in.

  1. These were adults! Young, pretty adults. This was just the way they were used to moving, I guess? And it was an adult who wrote the song!

    I (obviously) would have been horribly embarrassed by it, but this troop is touring internationally. It’s not being done “in a corner.”


  2. I once saw a production of “the Christmas Carol” that was like that. Several innappropriate moments having nothing to do with the original had been added in, to modernize it, I suppose. As the audience was full of fellow interns from the Teen Mania Honor Academy, and I think the actors must have been surprised by how little positive response they got from us over their “jokes”. Now those out-of-place jokes are about all I can remember. Sad.

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