A Real Outline


13 chapters sounds like a much more manageable animal than 43 chapters, doesn’t it.

Doesn’t it?

I just finished running through my 2-part idea and broke part-one into identifiable units.

Once they’re done being written (6 of the 13 are written, 2 more roughed in) I’m going to have to re-evaluate if this will work as a self-contained story.

It does have the unfortunate feel of an ending lying in wait for a sequel, but for the length of this project I believe that was unavoidable.

I always feel better when I can estimate a path (even if I improvise before the end) so I’m not “riding blind.”

“We’ve a long road ahead of us.”

“How long?” Kate asked promptly.

One of her chief trials during the last six days had been riding blind into completely strange country.

It had not been so bad at first… while she could still recognize the names on signposts… But early that morning they had turned off the road and ridden away over a desolate moor seamed with ridges and outcroppings of rock, as if the bones of the land were forcing their way through it.

From The Perilous Gard

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  1. Series make more money in the long run anyway, not that you are writing this to make money. And I love seeing what you are learning about the writing process. So very cool. Nice little teaser.

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