A New Book

I should mention that my determination not to buy books this year does not preclude receiving (or giving) them as gifts.

In the mail today I received my eagerly awaited copy of Stand-In Groom written by Kay Dacus, one of my on-line friends.

Some months ago I (along with her other blog-readers)  was offered a chance at a sort of “advance copy” of Kaye’s first published book.

I was told it would arrive in December, and when I didn’t receive it or hear anything at all I imagined I must have been bumped from the list (no hard feelings).   During a last minute visit to Barnes and Nobel I even asked after it, and was told it wouldn’t be available until January.

So I was delighted to begin a new book today– especially as I haven’t read any fiction for more than a week.

And especially having just got home from trip that begs more analysis than I’m willing to give it.  (I may blog about it eventually, but not today.  I’m waiting to first tell my husband the story, and he gets home from another trip tonight.)

I will say it’s a story about God’s goodness and provision.

Life-threatening illness, night-driving through driving snow and wind.  Ice, perfect timing, a state trooper’s affirmation and a tow-truck.  An earthly father’s attentiveness, and a 6-year-old’s epiphany.

And a small corner of the story is my realization that there are many milestones toward growing up that I had not realized when I was 18.  Like being the driver on a road-trip.  Though I’d guess most Americans reach that before they have three young children to placate for 400 miles.

I had a busier week than usual and am ready for a rest.

Many thanks Kaye.  I am delighted at your success and waving a purple-and-gold pennant for you. ;)

2 thoughts on “A New Book

  1. Sound like a good time. I think. I’ve got a blog tour this week. Stop by on Monday because the author comes through. There is a book raffle too! It’s an inspirational fiction by New York Times Bestselling author Marie Bostwick who is also a Christian.

  2. Sorry to have confused:
    It wasn’t something I would categorize as fun.

    I can say now I drove to Anchorage on Tuesday because an uncle was in the hospital, very sick, and the kids and I didn’t know if this was our last chance at a last good-bye. I started driving home on Thursday because– as bad as the road and winds were Thursday– Friday actually looked worse.

    The roads were bad enough that we didn’t actually get home until Friday evening. Driving to ANC in this kind of winter was definitely something I’d not have done (or choose to do again) for any lesser reason.

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