The Way I Read (reading notes)

For some of us, analysis and enjoyment go together. Finding words for why we like something increases our enjoyment, and so does finding connections between different parts of our world. Two big areas of my world, in experience, interest and study, are Fiction and Health. My favorite books are those that find a way to […]

The Problem (reading notes)

I realized that to express an opinion is to allow people to see the “real you.” How you think. And therefore a response to a piece of writing isn’t just about that piece of writing, it is a critique of how one thinks.

Dream Boy Blog Tour: Authors’ Interview (and GIVEAWAY!)

I am so excited to talk some more today about the book Dream Boy that I reviewed last month.

And the publisher has said I can give away a copy of the book (trust me, you want this in your hands), so be sure and leave a comment after you read the interview.

All We Have is Time

This isn’t a post about Time-Management.

It is a post about Mindfulness.

With an aside of Sherlock.

The Violinist and the Master (a Tuesday Tale)

Storytelling is for big people too. This is an example of that truth. (A recording of Amy Jane Helmericks sharing her interpretation of The Violinist and the Master, by Gary Schmidt.)

Dream Boy (Reading Notes)

Creative, layered story.

A girl’s romantic fantasy comes to life, but when is the other shoe going to drop? Because we all know he can’t be that perfect, can he?

Defy (Reading Notes)

Every story is a fantasy.
The fantasy in this story is a girl becoming one of the Boyz while still maintaining her attractiveness and desirability, evidenced through the two good men who both honor her and value her skills.


Little things add up. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are if you’re pointed in the direction you want to go.

Alienated (Reading Notes)

Laugh-out-loud funny and emotionally relatable.
While her older brother goes to live on another planet, one of that planet’s young people comes to live in Cara’s home.