Understanding Humans, the S-types

The first half of the M-B quadrants focus on those who pay the most attention to the physical world and its details.

Basic Personality Vocabulary

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) looks at four pairs of contrasting approaches to interacting with life, preferences that are arranged on a spectrum across from their opposite.

Why Personality Typing is Important, Pt. 1

There are two main reasons why learning about personality types is hugely beneficial: understanding ourselves and improving our relationships with other people.

How to Write, Part 3

If step-3 (translation from language-in-the-head to language-on-the-page) is your sticking place, it probably looks like a reverse of the 3 a.m. epiphany.

Instead of having your mind unflatteringly blank at just the wrong time, only to have the *perfect* zinger at 3 a.m., this challenge looks like the confidence of *just* the right words slipping from your mind’s grasp or memory before you can pin them to the page.

How to Write, Part 2

There’s a lot going on when you talk about Writing.

Some people get stuck at step-1, and that has almost the easiest solution. Even if you never know what to write about, you might be awesome once you get started.

How to Write, Part 1

There are four levels of work involved in writing, and this, I believe, is part of what complicates the process of learning how to write. It’s this 4-step process, unidentified, that I think gets people in trouble.