7-minute Trailer for Part-1 of The Hobbit

First of all, I think this idea is delightful– taking all the clips released so far and putting them in chronological order.

Second, I just figured out they’re releasing it in three movies (not two as I first thought), one per Christmas for the next two years then the third for the following summer’s blockbuster season.

Can I just say: This feels disingenuous.

I liked the idea of a two-part movie. I liked that we’re not squishing things too tight to include all the characters and iconic moments (P&P 2005 comes to mind).

But for the stretch to three, I anticipate a swirly of self-gratifying (LotR) backstory that is plain not-necessary for the enjoyment of this story.

Bppblt. But no one asked me.

I really wish they’ll do it well, but I don’t have high hopes.

All that out of the way, here’s the really-cool editing job. (Thanks for the link Kaye!)

2 thoughts on “7-minute Trailer for Part-1 of The Hobbit

  1. Peter Jackson just decided a few months ago to do the third movie…he felt like they had so much material they could work with it. And the worldwide market has proven a desire for all things Tolkien, so there is a market for three movies. There will almost certainly be a sacrifice to the telling of the particular story of the Hobbit in order to tell more about Middle Earth. But I’m okay with that.

  2. Also, my brother and sister-in-law used the third film’s release announcement to make an announcement of their own: “Zach and I, like Peter Jackson, found more material in the Appendix (or near there) and decided to make a third Hobbit. The last installment will be out March 16.”

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