Weight Therapy

Weight Therapy is about collecting and sharing tools that will help us while trying to lose weight or maintain healthiest weight.

It’s me preaching to myself. Reminding me what I know.

Paying attention to our size can put us in direct conflict with ourselves at the very same time that we are needing most to nurture ourselves (That is, pay a lot of attention to what’s going on inside.)

That’s the Therapy part.

But that conflict– that two ways of seeing– can result in a new understanding of ourselves and, if we let it, growth.

My dear internet friend Brooke pointed out that blogs change as their writers change. I’ve had so many posts in my head that never materialized exactly because I was trying to “narrow my focus,” or “define my audience,” and generally not writing as much as I felt I should.

But as that has not proven an effective way of running this blog, I’m proposing a different tack. I will write about those things I’m really dealing with.

In June I discovered the load-limit of my body.

My back kinda spazzed out, and I experienced a physical pain like I hadn’t in six years. Something like my lumbar spine trying to firecracker out of my back.

The main connection I made was that I was carrying the same amount of weight both times.

So I went back to my old Weight Watchers points-counting. (The old version I lost 20 lbs on three years ago, not the newer “Points Plus” that’s being taught now.)

I eat almost nothing from a box any more, so trying to count calories is a burning waste of time– I need something with less variation. (And I don’t believe all calories are equal, anyway.)

This time I have to combine my HEP (healthy eating plan) with my food limitations (no soy or gluten– sometimes no dairy), but I’ve been working within those limitations long enough it doesn’t seem so hard as the last time I tried.

What is hard– what I had forgotten– is how making the right choices for my goal requires a continual effort of refocusing my mind, and while I’ve concluded the weekly meetings aren’t worth the cost, I do want to speak encouragement to myself, and anyone else who needs to hear it.

So, current plan is to post something each Thursday, because that’s the day I’d planned meeting with my co-ex-WW buddy to compare notes and keep on track. (If a similar check in is helpful for you, to, I hope you’ll leave a comment or suggestion of how we might encourage one another toward our goals.)

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