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I am good at words in general, writing in particular, and will help you make your writing its best.

Services described in more detail at Writing Hope:

For our local schools I offer storytelling workshops with the Artists in Schools program through the Fairbanks Arts Association.

Age Levels: 4th-12th grades (though motivated 3rd grade classrooms may be able to keep up)

Types of games and projects will be dependent on available space and art supplies.

Storycraft is the art and practice of working with stories. I begin with examples and class participation before we break into small groups for projects and activities with more individualized focus. We have two distinct areas of exploration to choose from:

Students begin with old tales, allowing them to focus on the process of learning and telling, exploring the roles that vocal variety and body language play in communication. Sessions involve games and activities designed to encourage movement and remember lines.

Here our focus is on taking a string of action and/or discovery and polishing it into a short story or an outline for a longer form, suitable for telling or writing. Sessions include crafts that function as story prompts and practice of various story structures.”

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