Holding the Fear — January’s Life & Fiction Column

If you’ve been around a while you’ve probably seen me reference The Perilous Gard, a book I feel deeply connected to. This month’s essay combines that book with one of my personal wrestlings: How do we respond to something too big to fight? [Excerpt:] I am very interested in those characters who are “stuck” with Continue reading →

I Am a Writer

You know, in case you haven’t noticed.   Jeff Goins published a book about this recently. Got me thinking about how titles and assertions can affect how we see ourselves, and, therefore, how we behave. It’s odd how I’m so on again/off again with being willing to say out loud I am a writer, to Continue reading →

The Big Confession

Until tonight I have not finished a “fat” novel since Thanksgiving vacation. (I feel nearly as though I just confessed a venal sin.) ~ I have mentioned before I am not the sort of reader to stick with a book out of sheer loyalty if I have a bad feeling about it, so I’ve finished Continue reading →

A Real Outline

Hoo— 13 chapters sounds like a much more manageable animal than 43 chapters, doesn’t it. Doesn’t it? I just finished running through my 2-part idea and broke part-one into identifiable units. Once they’re done being written (6 of the 13 are written, 2 more roughed in) I’m going to have to re-evaluate if this will Continue reading →

Book Give-away!

Overwhelmed is sponsoring a monthly book give-away that she said I could add my own spin to. The original rules have the books being offered the first Monday of the month (so you see I’m already late), and require each winner to offer the book in a give-away in a month or so (assuming it’s Continue reading →